Accept & Pay for Your Courses

Step 1: Activate your Queen's NetID

Activate NetID

Returning students with an existing (and working) NetID can proceed directly to Step 2.

Your NetID is required to access your online course and other University services.

  • Your NetID starts with one or two numbers, followed by your initials, and then 1–3 numbers, e.g., 9abc25.

Step 2: Log into SOLUS using your NetID and password

  1. Click on SOLUS, near the top left corner of the page

Step 3: Accept your offer

  1. After you have successfully logged into SOLUS, you will arrive on this screen. This is where you will Accept and Pay for your course(s). Click on Admissions.

    DO NOT use the Financial Account button to accept or pay for your course.

    Shows button to click in SOLUS (Admissions) Shows which button not to click in SOLUS (Financial Account)
  2. Click on the Term of your course. Each session falls under a different term:

    Winter Term

    • Winter Session
    • Late Winter Session

    Summer Term

    • Spring Session
    • Late Spring Session
    • Summer Session
    • Late Summer Session

    Fall Term

    • Fall Session
    • Fall/Winter Session
    Shows clicking on term
  3. Click on View Decision Letter to confirm which course you are accepting.

    Shows clicking on decision letter link in SOLUS Shows section of the SOLUS webpage to focus on (Course Title)
  4. Click on Accept to accept your course. Only accept the offer(s) of admission that you are ready to pay for. You will be prompted to pay for all offers of admission that you accept.

    Shows clicking on accept
  5. Click on Yes to confirm your acceptance.

    Shows clicking on yes

Step 4: Pay for you course(s)

  1. Click on Pay Admissions Deposit to pay for your course.

    Shows clicking on Pay Admission Deposit in SOLUS
  2. Enter your credit card information and then click Pay With Your Credit Card.

    Shows credit card form in SOLUS
  3. After you have successfully paid, you will get a confirmation and receipt of the transaction. Click Continue.

    Shows clicking continue
    Now that you have accepted your offer and paid, you will be enrolled in the next 24 hours.
  4. Click Change if you would like to accept another offer.

    Shows clicking change button at top of page
    You will receive a welcome email with course login instructions 48 hours before the session begins.