Frequently Asked Questions

How do online courses work?

On the first day of your course, your instructor will contact you within D2L to welcome you to the course. You and your fellow candidates will quickly get to know each other and form an online learning community where you will share ideas, engage in online discussions and receive individual feedback from your instructor.

Your online course will be composed of several modules, each with their own due date. You are not required to be online at a particular time but will have deadline dates to keep. Although assignment submissions to instructors need to be uploaded by the module's due date, discussion board tasks must be completed within the time frame of the specific module, allowing candidates enough time to read and respond to each other's' posts.

How do I pay for a course?

See our Fees & Refunds Page

*Please note that if you have not accepted and paid for your course by the first day of the course, your offer will be revoked.

What are the computer requirements needed for an online course?

To access your online course, you will need a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, which are freely available. Safari 5+ is also supported.

What is my NetID and where do I get it?

Your NetID is your unique identification number at Queen's that you will use to access online services and courses at Queen's. Information on how to get your NetID will be sent to you by email once you have been enrolled in a course.

How to I set up and access my Queen’s email account?

You can access your Queen’s email account through your course in onQ. On the course navigation bar click on Office 365 this will bring you to the login page for Office 365. You will then enter your email address (YOUR NETID) and your NetID password. Under Apps click “Outlook”. These credentials are also used to access your course.

How do I withdraw from a course?

Email to withdraw from your course. A refund will be issued to your credit card within 2-3 business days.

See our Fees & Refunds Page for more details.

How are courses graded?

Courses are pass/fail. Your instructor will email you your results at the conclusion of the course.

How do I order a transcript?

You can order your transcript online here.