Post-Graduate Certificate in Workplace Training and Development

The program and courses are very informative, and they profoundly made a great impact on my professional career.

Empower yourself as an educator: lead, teach and train with confidence

Are you a leader in your workplace? Do you want to improve your ability to educate and train your peers? Designed to help bring education to areas outside of the traditional K–12 classroom, this certificate program will help you get a better understanding of pedagogy, training methods and teaching adult learners in a variety of fields.

Who Should Take This Program?

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Workplace Training and Development is ideal for trainers and educators working in:

  • Higher Education
  • Health Sciences
  • Business/Human Resources
  • International education
  • Adult Education

Delivery Method

This Certificate Program is delivered entirely online allowing participants to engage with flexibility at their own convenience. This method provides a balance between self-paced learning and structured coursework while promoting a supportive community where participants can share experiences and ideas. 

Professional Development

 Students who complete the Post-Graduate Certificate will be eligible to receive advanced standing in the laddering option offered by the Faculty of Education. 

Queen’s University Faculty of Education has designed this the laddering option as a customizable graduate experience, with the inclusion of three different credentials within one course. Laddering will allow you to progress through successive credentials while carrying forward course credits. Students can receive three different credentials: a Post-Graduate Certificate, a Graduate Diploma in Education, and a Professional Master of Education. If you follow the laddering system, you can earn all three credentials with fewer classes overall.

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Program Fees


Fees include

  • access to comprehensive content of the two core courses and three elective courses
  • timely feedback by a matter expert on assignments
  • participation in discussion forums
  • Post-Graduate Certificate (Queen's University)


Core Courses (2 / 2 required)

Elective (3 / 9 required)