CONT689: Leadership in Professional Settings

This course will count towards completion of the Post-Graduate Certificate in Workplace Training and Development

Be a successful leader: empowering you to lead with purpose and innovation

This course focuses on how leadership theories and strategies can be applied to your practice. You will consider the type of leader you want to be and explore strategies to help guide you toward that vision of leadership. The tasks and activities in this course will provide you with the opportunity to work within a safe online environment with the added benefit of receiving individualized instruction from an experienced leader. 

Who Should Take This Course?

The course is ideal for

  • individuals who are interested in developing their leadership skills and applying leadership theories and strategies to their work or practice
  • managers or team leaders who are looking to improve their ability to build and lead effective teams
  • professionals who want to understand the role of relationships, trust, emotional intelligence and decision making in leadership and team success
  • anyone who is open to exploring the concepts of failure, change management, and innovation and how they can be used to foster growth and development in themselves and their teams

Delivery Method

This course is delivered asynchronously online allowing participants to engage with flexibility at their own convenience. This method provides a balance between self-paced learning and structured coursework while promoting a supportive community where participants can share experiences and ideas. 

Professional Development

This course will count towards completion of the Post-Graduate Certificate in Workplace Training and Development.

Students who complete the Post-Graduate Certificate will be eligible to receive advanced standing in the laddering option offered by the Faculty of Education. 

Queen’s University Faculty of Education has designed this the laddering option as a customizable graduate experience, with the inclusion of three different credentials within one course. Laddering will allow you to progress through successive credentials while carrying forward course credits. Students can receive three different credentials: a Post-Graduate Certificate, a Graduate Diploma in Education, and a Professional Master of Education. If you follow the laddering system, you can earn all three credentials with fewer classes overall.

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Course Fees


Course fees include

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • apply a variety of leadership concepts, theories and practices to workplace challenges
  • develop interpersonal leadership skills to build an environment of trust and confidence
  • enhance your ability to influence and empower others to foster a common purpose yielding tangible results
  • identify your core values and learn how they will guide your leadership practice and decision-making processes
  • understand the value of failure and change management and how integral these are in inspiriting innovation in your teams

Course Outline


 Minimum hours 

  Module 1: Intro to Leadership


  Module 2: Building Relationships


  Module 3: Learning Teams


  Module 4: Decision Making


  Module 5: Innovation and Change


  Module 6: Digital Leadership Portfolio  


Total hours  


Course Schedule

Session Course Dates Registration Deadline Registration Status
Summer 2023 Jun 26, 2023 – Aug 06, 2023 Jun 16, 2023 Open
Late Summer 2023 Aug 07, 2023 – Sep 29, 2023 Jul 28, 2023 Open

Summer 2023

  • Dates: Jun 26, 2023 – Aug 06, 2023
  • Deadline: Jun 16, 2023
  • Status: Open

Late Summer 2023

  • Dates: Aug 07, 2023 – Sep 29, 2023
  • Deadline: Jul 28, 2023
  • Status: Open

Registration will remain open until 4pm ET on the posted registration deadline date.

Application Requirements

While a postsecondary degree/diploma is not required, it is recommended for this course.

Required Technology

A smartphone or a computer with a web camera and microphone.

Course Materials

This course has no required resources.


Applicants who require special accommodations are asked to:

  • Contact us at least 1 week prior to the start of the course to allow enough time for appropriate accommodations to be made.
  • Provide necessary documentation upon request.